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Extensions and wigs

Extensions and wigs for every style are popular for any number of reasons, both happy and sad. Our Company African Fashion Hair are ready to help, whether buyers need to find a wig to cover hair loss caused by illness, or extensions to make their hair look fabulous for a special occasion.
Potential buyers will need to decide whether they want ‘remy’, ‘non-remy’ or ‘virgin’ hair, as well as whether they prefer braids, weaves, lace-front wigs or ordinary wigs. African Fashion Hair has all of these types, both straight and curly styles, short, bobbed, long, colored. Seemingly every possible style and shape is available. Some styles are synthetic, but others are fully human hair, with all the extra care that entails.
We offers affordable prices (there is a wide selection of discounts) and ships to 185 countries. A 45 day money-back guarantee and friendly customer service helps ensure satisfaction. The range is comprehensive and includes all the main varieties of hair extensions and wigs available.
Crochet braids are thin plaited locks, while synthetic braids tend to be thicker. Both varieties are available in ombre and colored options.
To those of us with short hair, weaves are available in a bewildering variety of designs and colors. Clip in weaves, closures, human, remy and synthetic hair are all available in weaves. Closures come with a lace front and are mainly made with human hair. Remy and synthetic hair weaves are also available.
Lace front wigs
For those buyers who need more than extensions, a lace front wig may be an option. Available in human hair, remy hair and synthetic versions, these wigs are designed to be indistinguishable from a natural head of hair.
X-Elements Brazilian Short Human Hair Wigs With Bangs H.VERA Non-Remy Natural Wave 100% Human Hair Wigs For Women 4 Inches
Full wigs are available in human hair, remy hair and synthetic versions. These are generally styled long, and come in vibrant colors as well as standard hair colorings.
There are very few wigs available for short hair styles, which I’m guessing is due to the fact that it’s difficult to wear a wig with no hair weight to anchor it. In the UK, Gail Porter hit the news in July 2018 for having a wig fitting on live TV. The celebrity, who has suffered from alopecia totalis since 2005, decided that the time was right to move onto wearing a wig. She chose a long blonde style and subsequently gave a series of interviews while wearing it.
The days of jokes at the expense of those wearing hairpieces or having hair transplants should be long gone when extensions and wigs like these from African Fashion Hair are easily available online.
Extensions and wigs

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