African Fashion Hairstyles

Waves, curls, flat tops, simple straight or anything in between the choice for you with African fashion hairstyles is great. The African fashion hairstyle arise as a result of fascinating creativity and most of it is as a result of the fantastic versatility of the African hair, thereby making it possible to weave amazing hairstyles. These hairs generally have a crinkly curl making it possible to keep shape for many vertical styles and also making it adaptable to styles decorating other communities.

Extensive braiding of the hair is a common feature of the African Fashion hairstyles and it can be done in various ways. The most common one includes putting the hair in a small braid while stretching them tightly across the head or creating a tight and tiny braids while spacing them out regularly rather than keeping them untamed and then hanging small, decorative beads from them all over the head.

Braids are very easy to maintain and this design is created with extreme care as well as patience. Most celebrities are found of this African fashion hairstyle. There are various kinds of braiding styles such as Bantu Knots, African Twist, Fishtail & Tree Braids. You can easily flaunt this style with any hair texture or hair length. It is however crucial to choose the appropriate colour so as to attain the perfect look.

Some of the common hairstyle include the following:

Box Braids: This African fashion hairstyle can easily stay for several weeks if maintained appropriately. It consists of three or four strand braids. Usually, the process of designing your tresses with box braids requires two hairstylists. This involves cumbersome techniques which looks amazing. It is however crucial to rub your scalp with oil after braiding.

Cornrows: This style is considered as one of the most fashionable type of hair braiding because it reflects vintage fashion as well as timeless elegance. It can be created by tightly braiding your tresses to the scalp in geometric or straight lines. You should balance the tension on the strands and hair net should be used during shampooing. The use of heavy hair conditioner should also be avoided.

Micro Braids: This African Fashion hairstyles is also referred to as invisible braids. You can easily form various other designs from this style. It is an easy form of hair braids which can give you a professional as well as neat appearance. Additionally, it looks chic and fashionable.

Ladies that feel that they require a lot more length to their natural locks can achieve the same with the aid of weave which are either tracked to one’s locks or glued. One of the popular hairstyles for Africans is tracking and this involves doing some neat corn rows with a person’s natural hair while attaching the weave using weaving threads to the cornrows. Tracking would also involve flattening the natural locks with the aid of gel, letting it dry up after which weaves are attached using glues. Fusion is also a more efficient and popular manner of attaching weaves. In this case, every single strand of a person’s natural hair is attached to the synthetic hair. As one might imagine, it is a tedious as well as time-consuming method of weaving but this African fashion hair style is worth the trouble. The weaves are either made with natural hair extensions or artificial materials which can easily pass like one’s hair.

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